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        Sichuan Jisheng IntroductionYour current location: About Us >> Sichuan Jisheng Introduction

        Sichuan Jisheng Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(JSJ), established in 2015, is located in the high-tech industrial zone of Leshan city, Sichuan province, covering an area of 60,000  square meters. We are a professional enterprise for research and development, production and sale of biological fermentation enzymes transform products, natural plant extracts, food additives custom peptides, cosmetic raw materials (cosmetic peptide & amino acid derivatives), etc.. JSJ cooperates closely with Sichuan Jisheng Health Food Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Elegbacepharm Co., Ltd, which got Food Production License, Drug Production License, and the new edition GMP certification. We have invested more than 180 million RMB for a number of GMP workshop production lines and the modernizing production facilities and advanced detecting instruments.

        We have set up innovation center, all of the staff in this center are professionals including 6 professors and doctors and 9 graduate students. We have built strategic partnership with Chengdu Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences, Leshan Normal University and Southwest University of Science and Technology. 
        Since established, we have built stable business relationships with many food companies, healthfood companies, cosmetic manufacturers, domestic pharmaceutical companies, R&D institutes, exporters and importers. JSJ enjoys high reputation internationally and is your most reliable partner. 

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