Wu Zhigang

Chief R&D Scientist of Peptide Drugs ----- Wu Zhigang

Graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, and then studied at Florida State University where he received his PhD in analytical chemistry. Mr. Wu is a special expert of the "Hundred Talents Plan" of Sichuan Province (No. 009 expert of Chengdu), a high-level innovative talent of Chengdu, a scientific and technological entrepreneurial talent of Sichuan Province, etc.

He is not only the leader of the innovation team of the "Thousand Talents Plan" of Sichuan Province, but also a member of the Expert Review Committee of Sichuan Province.  Mr. Wu has won the first prize of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award and has nearly 20 years of R&D experience in the global pharmaceutical, health and biomedical industries, as well as being the developer of three world-renowned biologics.

Compazepine Ophthalmic Injection ----- Chief Pharmacological Officer of China Biologic New Drug Gold Award

Eprilizumab -----The world's first immunotherapy biologic

Navutumumab ------ The world's first new PD1 immunotherapy drug, top three in annual sales worldwide


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