Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate


Product NameSodium Stearoyl Glutamate

CAS No.: 38517-23-6

EINECS No.:253-980-9

MW: 437.6

Molecular formula: C23H44NNaO5


Sodium stearoyl glutamate is a kind of amino acid emulsifier formed by condensation of natural fatty acid and sodium glutamic acid. It is warm, smooth and tactile, and has excellent inhibition ability to microorganisms. It is suitable for w/o and o/w emulsion formulas. Anionic mild surfactant and oil in water emulsifier have excellent emulsification effect at low dosage. They can be added in oil phase or water phase at will. They can be used in cold or hot mixing processes. They are often used as emulsifiers in facial care, body care and sunscreen products. It is easier to thicken when it is used together with sodium lauroyl glutamate to prepare creamy facial cleanser, which is the best choice for amino acid surfactant based facial cleanser.

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